Effective citizen participation, transparent and accountable decision making and appropriate regulatory and institutional frameworks are central to poverty eradication, inclusion and peaceful coexistence. The Overall Objective of this strategic focus area is to contribute to strengthened citizen voice and agency for improved effectiveness, responsiveness and efficiency of public service delivery institutions. This will be done by supporting adoption of suitable regulatory and institutional frameworks; enabling effective citizen engagement and oversight; and ensuring transparent and ethical public administration. The specific objectives and interventions for the respective sub pillars are presented below.

Quality and Standard of Regulatory and Institutional Frameworks

Overview: A key tenet of social contract is existence of pacts that define how citizens and authorities conduct themselves and engage with each other. This sub pillar will contribute to shaping of a conducive operating environment for effective and transparent public administration. It will also seek to address challenges in quality and operationalisation of constitutional, regulatory and institutional frameworks related to devolution and urbanization.

Objective: To increase adoption of appropriate regulatory and institutional frameworks in devolved and urban governance set ups.

Strategic Interventions

  1. Facilitate effective citizen engagement in standardization, harmonization, domestication and or operationalization of relevant regulatory and institutional frameworks.
  2. Facilitate mobilization, organization and rallying of relevant State and NSAs actors towards realization of key urban and or devolved development agenda.
  3. Contribute to shaping/ informing public opinion, policy and good governance practice through periodic political, social and economic analysis, as well as knowledge development and sharing.