A livelihood comprises capabilities and assets that people use to make a living. In Kenya, most citizens have inadequate access to productive assets, while trickledown effect of macro level economic growth remains low. CSUDP will thus support women, youth, PWDs and other vulnerable groups to become economically productive and resilient. The Overall Objective of this focus area is to facilitate transitioning of vulnerable citizens into economically empowered and resilient persons. This will be realised by imparting knowledge and skills; providing tools; facilitating strategic linkages; and fostering access to business development services.

Youth and Women Enterprise Skills Development

Overview: As highlighted in the context analysis, most of the communities that CSUDP works with not only often lack necessary life/ technical skills, but also have limited access to productive assets. The aim of this sub pillar is to increase employability and improve quality of businesses of the youth, women and other vulnerable groups by providing appropriate knowledge and skills.

Objective: To increase employability and productivity of youth, women and other vulnerable groups by imparting appropriate business acumen and skills.

Strategic Interventions

  1. Undertake business skills development for women, youth and other vulnerable groups.
  2. Support development, uptake and or integration of innovative business and skills development models and tools for youth, women and other vulnerable groups.
  3. Facilitate advocacy for regulatory and institutional frameworks that support youth, women and other vulnerable groups’ enterprise, skills and talent development.