Environmental governance at all levels is critical for sustainable development. CSUDP seeks under this pillar to promote sound management of natural resources and mitigate negative CC and environmental impacts. This will be supported through deliberate efforts to promote actions that conserve the environment and mitigate effects of climate change, in addition to ensuring existence and operationalisation of enabling regulatory and institutional regimes. The Overall Objective of this pillar is to contribute to efficient, effective and accountable management of natural resources, build community resilience to climate variability and support sustainable human- ecological balance.

Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation

Overview: Marginalized or vulnerable communities are often more predisposed to the CC and other related socio-economic disruptions. These situations tend to stretch the resilience levels of such disadvantaged groups, more so women, youth and PWDs to unprecedented levels. CSUDP will thus collaborate with complementary actors to stimulate adoption of innovative resilience mechanisms or models for youth, women and other vulnerable groups.

Objective: To enhance community resilience to climate variability and socio-economic shocks.

Strategic Interventions

  1. Strengthen resilience and adaptive capacity of vulnerable communities against CC and other applicable socio-economic shocks and volatilities.
  2. Promote localization and adoption of applicable strategies and actions aligned with national and global adaptation & mitigation frameworks.
  3. Support systematic analysis to better understand and address emerging ecological trends, shocks, vulnerabilities and seasonalities across market systems, ecosystems and socio-political landscapes.