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Upcoming Event : Urban Conference

Dates : 26 - 27 August 2015 Venue : To be announced shortly 

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What is in it ...? Dignity Bill, 2015

The Preservation of Human Dignity and Enforcement of Economic and Social Rights Bill, 2015

The Senate Bill No. 8 is proposed by Senator Hassan Omar – Mombasa County.
The process of drafting and stakeholder consultations is supported by a number of partners including the Civil Society Urban Development Programme (CSUDP)

Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ECOSOC) granted by the Constitution Article 43 (Bill of Rights) are the primary means of self-actualization for majority of Kenyans impoverished and marginalized. Inequalities however tend to thrive fuelled by skewed policies and development planning that pays greater attention to the less vulnerable in society. While devolution carried the promise of correcting these imbalances, present practice has proven otherwise and instead propagated these inequalities in the devolved units.


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