Waste Decentralization and Monitoring Project
Project Host: Unity for Development - CBO
County: Embu

Waste strewn neighborhoods in Embu town residential areas motivated Embu Local Urban Forum (LUF) to partner with Unity for Development Community Based Organization (U4D – CBO) a member of the LUF that has been striving to improve domestic solid waste management in the town through a system of source segregation (degradable and non-degradable), door-to-door collection and composting.

To address this waste concern the Waste Decentralization and Monitoring (WADEMO) project was conceived,  a state (County Government) and non-state (community groups) partnership decentralized model for domestic solid waste management with roles and responsibilities clearly identified for each party.

Project Objectives

  1. To develop and install a computerized Waste Monitoring System
  2. To establish state and non-state partnerships for solid waste management in the town
  3. To build the capacity of host CSO in project management and M&E
  4. To strengthen Embu LUF partnership with the county government

The WADEMO Model


  Project Outcomes

  1. Computerized Waste Monitoring System developed and being used to enforce source segregation of waste as waste bag codes are also entered into the system.
  2. County Government committed to avail waste tracks twice a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays) to the project.
  3. The county government and in some cases community members provided space for mounting waste transfer stations.
  4. County government approved service charge for the service, that is, landlords will pay a monthly fee of Kshs. 150 for the service and each household will pay Kshs. 80 per month for the supply of the waste bags.

 Project Impact

 Is Embu town set to be the cleanest town in the country?