The CSUDP’s Small Grants Component (SGC) provide grants of up to Kshs. 1 Million to support ongoing initiatives by Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) drawn from the CSO’s Database ( that have exhibited great potential for contributing to an urban matter of common concern through Local Urban Forums (LUFs).

Through these projects urban communities come together to address an urban issue of common concern while promoting the vibrancy and dignity of the disadvantaged urban majority. These unique projects provide an opportunity for urban communities to work together with other stakeholders and particularly the County Governments to not only determine but also steer their own development.

The key principle is that these projects uphold the participatory approach and contribute to a collective pursuit for social accountability through active civic engagement processes with state and private sector entities. The SGP’s focus on a wide range of issues ranging from solid waste management in urban centers, people centered urban policy, water and sanitation, health and environment and vulnerable groups.

In 2014 - 2015, CSUDP implemented SGP's in thirteen (13) counties where the LUFs are currently operational as follows,

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