Our Focus

Taking a position that the primary role of CSOs in policy making and shaping of legislation is to ensure that the poor and the marginalized are adequately given ‘voice’ and ‘hearing’ in policy and legislative processes. CSUDP has sought to  strengthen urban, county and national mechanisms to enable CSOs’ popular influence on national and county legislative and policy regimes. This is critical, given that CSOs remain the voice of the poor and the marginalized. Further, CSUDP takes the position that all legislation and regulations, including the urban ones should be transformatory and should result in improvement of urban residents quality of life. 

More precisely, CSUDP will continue to engage in: 

Participatory County and Urban Planning and Budgeting, taking cognizance that planning is core to urban development world over. In Kenya, county planning and budgeting is now directly linked to funding of county governments, including urban areas. Section 107 of the County Governments Act, provides for: 

  • County integrated development plan;
  • County Sectoral Plans;
  • County Spatial Plan; and
  • Cities and Urban Areas Plans.

 While planning can be technocratic, CSUDP emphasizes that the Constitution of Kenya 2010, the County Act and the Urban Areas and Cities Act, all require public participation in planning. The need, the right and the capacity to participate; together with an appropriate framework for participation in planning, budgeting and implementation are the key areas CSUDP is working on, to ensure that interests of urban residents, especially the poor, are adequately guaranteed.

Urban Sectoral Policies and Legislation.  Sectoral issues such as land, housing, water, energy, transport, etc. have impacts on the lives of the poor. In Kenya, land, housing and environmental policies have huge implications for the resilience and livelihoods of urban residents, especially the urban poor living in slums and informal settlements with insecure tenure. These urban residents not only live in marginal environmental areas, but are impacted severely by unsanitary living conditions.

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