Talanta Mtaani - Partners sign agreement

Talanta Mtaani Season 2 is well underway and today witnessed the signing of the partnership agreement between the Standard Group (KTN), CIPLA, CSUDP and Uwezo Awareness Organization.

The CEO Standard Group, Orlando Lyomu stressed the fact that this was a social journey for youth transformation amongst the youth from disadvantaged backgrounds and Standard Group was proud to be associated with the initiative. Maurice Okoth, CEO CIPLA emphasized that Talanta Mtaani was not merely about voice talent bit a variety of artistic talent inherent in the youth.

Wasonga, CEO CSUDP expressed confidence that the PIMA model would deliver all round character for the participating youth. The PIMA model developed through experiences and lessons from UAO work with youth from the slums of Nairobi will train the participating youth to transform their character and social orientation to meet their aspirations. The partners all agreed that this social journey would not end with this second season but would go beyond to establish a social movement driven by talented youth.

The show premiered on 6 July and runs for 15 weeks to conclude on 19 October 2018.

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