Talanta Mtaani Show

Talanta Mtaani  - Episode 2 happens Friday 12th  July, 2018 on KTN  starting 8:00 PM.

A reality talent show through a partnership between the Civil Society Urban Development Platform (CSUDP) and Uwezo Awareness Organization (UAO) -  a youth based organization. 

Premier Episode happened on KTN on Friday 6th July 2018.

Through a model dubbed "PIMA" CSUDP and UAO identifies and nurtures music talent amongst vulnerable urban youth living in the informal settlement for gainful employment in the creative industry whilst promoting their peaceful co-existence in the settlements.

PIMA MODEL -Transforming youth despondency into productivity

The Civil Society Urban development Platform (CSUDP) has over the years partnered with Uwezo Awareness Organization (UAO) to identify and nurture creative arts talents amongst the vulnerable youth living in the informal settlement for gainful employment in the creative industry whilst promoting peaceful co-existence in the settlements. Through a project titled ‘Imekubaliwa 2’, implemented during the period 2016 – 2018 involving 120 youths, the partnership yielded promising results with six (6) creative youth groups formed: Eidhalla, Alphajiri, Octave band, Jicho Pevu, Teardrops, and LINDA. The groups have registered several achievements: performances alongside renowned local and international artists, won local awards and made appearances on local platforms. Over Kes. 0.5 Million has been realized from album sales and promotions.

Experiences and lessons learnt from this intervention have revealed the need for a clear structure on a number of aspects: (1) Protecting the rights of beneficiaries, (2) Inter-connectivity with successful players in the area of interest; (3) Mentorship platforms for the beneficiaries and (4) a tailored curriculum for Assisting the beneficiaries with various market driven skills sets. This has necessitated the modelling of a wholistic creative and performing arts development model. The model (PIMA), derives its name from these aspects. The main objective of this model is to unlock opportunities in the Creative Arts Sector for youth in the urban informal settlements by:

  1. Nurturing their inherent talent by instilling necessary skills to make them competitive in the sector.
  2. Linking them with the market (successful artists) for mentorship and coaching.
  3. Equipping them with knowledge and skills for their own personal development
Download this file (CSUDP Approach to Developing Artists -  A Brief.pdf)CSUDP Approach to Developing Artists[ ]796 kB
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