CSO's Reflect of Devolution Conference 2018

The Civil Society Urbn Development Platfom (CSUDP) joined the County Urban Watch (CGW) and URAIA in hosting Civil Society Organizations to reflect on the 5th Devolution Conference 2018. The goal of the session was to support Kenyan CSO's collaboration and  engagement towards ensuring sustainable, productive, effective and efficient government for results delivery; the realization of the big.

 Here are some highlights of the session:

Kevin Osido -  Executive Director, CGW

Questions have been raised with regard to the role of civil society in enhancing good governance and accountablity. As such, the forum will among others reflect on the findings of a study 'the State of Devolved Governance in Kenya'


George Wasonga - Cheif Executive Officer, CSUDP

The question of civil society engagement in devolution is no longer one of whether the law has given us the space but one of practice. How is the engagement happening? Is it issue based or institution based?

H.E Dr. Ralf Heckner - Switzerland Ambassador

Had some lessons for the new county administrators from his engagements and interactions in the first phase of devolution

  1. Prioritise and fulfill campaign promises
  2. Avoid nepotism - Establish accountable administrations with professionals
  3. Be accountable for personal behaviour
  4. Ensure regular auditing.
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