Public Participation: Key to devolution success

Kenya’s constitutionally mandated devolution has been touted as one of the world’s most ambitious decentralization process that brought with it great promise and high expectations for Kenyan’s. Undoubtedly, if well-implemented devolution has the potential to bring government, resources, and decision making closer to the people and a realization of the constitutional right of self-governance.

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Talanta Mtaani Show

Talanta Mtaani  - Episode 2 happens Friday 12th  July, 2018 on KTN  starting 8:00 PM.

A reality talent show through a partnership between the Civil Society Urban Development Platform (CSUDP) and Uwezo Awareness Organization (UAO) -  a youth based organization. 

Premier Episode happened on KTN on Friday 6th July 2018.

Download this file (CSUDP Approach to Developing Artists -  A Brief.pdf)CSUDP Approach to Developing Artists[ ]796 kB
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What is ailing our urban Centres?

CSUDP commissions action research and opinion surveys to find answers

What is ailing our urban centers? Is the question the Civil Society Urban Development Platform (CSUDP) seeks answers in an action research and a series of opinion surveys on urban governance involving 211 Counties where its network of town-level Local Urban Forums (LUFs)2 is operational.

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