King'ang'ani Water : Changing Lives, Expanding Potential
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 When residents of Maiuni and Kingangani peri-urban settlements in Machakos County heard they would fetch water in their backyard in just three months’ many refused to believe it.

 ‘I did not believe it because it had been over a year since the reservoir tank at the nearest water point about 1.5 kilometers away broke down and getting clean water even for just domestic use became a nightmare’, says Joseph Kathiwa a resident of King’ang’ani area.

But in just a couple of weeks, Brotherhood Development Agency (BDA), the implementing partner of the King’ang’ani Water Distribution Line (an extension of the Kiandani Water Project Distribution Network), with support from the Civil Society Urban Development Programme (CSUDP), converted many doubters. ‘Now I can see it was for real. We are so grateful’, acknowledges Kathiwa. In a record one (1) month the reservoir tank was repaired, a 1.5 Km pipeline network laid down, two water kiosks erected and water had started flowing. A twenty (20) litre Jerican goes for Kshs. 3 at the water kiosks.

Now everything has changed, says residents; 

Since I got involved in a motorcycle accident in December 2013 and broke my hand I have had to pay up to Kshs. 20 for a 20 litre Jerican and spend on average Kshs. 3000 on water per month. With water now more accessible and affordable my family will be able to save up to Kshs. 2, 650 per month. Agnes Mumbua Mutisya - A widow and mother of three and a grandmother.

 I am very grateful for the project. My wife would spend on average 3 days in a week fetching water. Augustine Kitavi Wambua - Village Elder and Pub Proprietor

The water will surely revolutionize subsistence farming in this area. I require about 200 litres of water for my horticulture farming that cost me Kshs. 200 daily. Now I will spend only Ksh. 30 per day. Joseph Kathiwa - Subsistence Famer 

Tendelyani Coffee Factory is a stone’s throw away from one of the water kiosks. The factory requires at least 8000 litre’s of water per day at a cost of Kshs. 8000. This cost is transferred to farmers diminishing their returns. The cost of water will now go down to Kshs. 1200 per day. Nelson Mutisya Musyoki - Vice Chair Tendelyani Coffee Factory 

School going children are the major beneficiaries, now their parents have more money to pay school fees and they longer have to be part of the water struggle. They can now concentrate in school. School children - Quench their thirst on their way from school

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